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Modular Multi-Channel Amplifier

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The Cascade Series: Modular Amplification for Home Theater
The Cascade Series is the perfect amplifier solution for home theater.
It is designed to enable you to customize your amplifier power needs for any home theater system, regardless of the number of channels.
The Cascade Series’ foundation is the DPA-M1600 chassis/power distributor, which accepts up to eight amplifier modules, either stereo or monaural. The identically sized modules are available in 100-watt stereo (PM-162d), or 300 watt monaural (PM-301d), for a total of 16 channels of amplification by PM-162d.
Like the DAD-M100pro mono-blocks, the Cascade modules are powerful, efficient, lightweight and offer a sound quality unlike any other. Each module slides into the front of the chassis and automatically connects with an AC socket in the back of the chassis.

The Cascade chassis has a master power switch and each module has its own power switch, so the modules can be “hot-swapped” without disconnecting power to the entire system.
Each module also has a level control for each channel and an LED power indicator for each channel with a peak-hold feature.

Benefits of Modular Multi-Channel Amplification
Modular amplification is especially beneficial for multi-channel home theaters because output power demands can be substantial. In movie soundtracks or multi-channel music sources, for example, all channels can suddenly demand tremendous power output, if only for an instant.
A typical A/V receiver or amplifier relies on one power supply for all channels and is seldom capable of delivering the required power to all channels simultaneously.
This is why so few manufacturers test their receivers or amplifiers with all channels driven. Rather, they test with two or three channels driven in order to meet a printed specification. The Flying Mole Cascade modular design is different.
Each module has its own power supply and is capable of delivering high power output to any or all channels instantly and simultaneously without relying on voltage from a shared power supply.
Simply stated, it’s like having a totally separate power amplifier for each channel in your system.
Both the DAD-M100pro amps and the Cascade series amplifiers offer this advantage.

Main feature
· Modular, hot-swappable multiple channel design has a self-connecting rail system that
· allows instant reconfiguration of the number of channels and power(100watts/8-ohm x 2ch, 300watts/8-ohm x 1ch)
· Super-light weight:ca.16Kg/8-modules.
· Super compact : EIA 19 in., 3U rack mount size.
· High sound quality like triode amps.
· Suitable for 4-8ohm speakers.
· Total efficiency of 85% reduces heat generation dramatically.
· No fan cooling is necessary.
· Available with RCA inputs and binding post output terminals (HT-Type)or balanced XLR inputs and SPEAKON output terminals(BI-Type).
· 1/3 of rated output power can be delivered continuously.
· Adjustable gain control for each channel.
· Ultra-low power consumption : environmentally friendly technology.

Item PM-162d PM-301d
Rated output 100watts/8 ohm x 2ch 300watts/8 ohm x 1ch
Frequency Response 5Hz to 50kHz/8 ohm 5Hz to 25kHz/8 ohm
Distortion rate (THD) 0.03%(50watts at 1kHz, 8 ohm)
0.05%(100watts at 1kHz, 8 ohm)
S-N ratio 120dB(400Hz to 30kHz BPF)
Input Sensitibity/Input Impedance 1V rms/10k ohm (HT-type)
2V rms/47k ohm (BI-type)
Residual noise 25µV(400Hz to 30kHz BPF)
Damping Factor 200(8 ohm,1kHz)
Power Consumption 45watts/2ch, 8 ohm 60watts/1ch, 8 ohm
Power Supplly AC120V 60Hz (USA Canada)
HT-type 46.5(w) x 132.5(H) x 471.2(D)mm
1-13/16"(w)x 5-3/16"(H) x 18-1/2"(D)
BI-type 46.5(w) x 132.5(H) x 454(D)mm,
1-13/16"(w) x 5-3/16”(H) x 17-7/8(D)
*All descriptions, specifications and product design are subject to change without prior notice

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